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Coconut Curry Stir Fry

Lately (as I mentioned in a previous post) we’ve been stir frying everything. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s such a convenient way to cook up fresh meat and vegetables together in a healthy way. I think the wok pan that my mom got us for Christmas is one of Lucas’ favorite things ever. We use it almost every night of the week!
The best part to me about stir frying is that it can be healthy. Even though it’s got the word “fry” in there, it’s not the greasy, deep fried food that may come to mind first. We normally start with a little bit of olive oil and some crushed garlic and then stir …

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Heavenly Chocolate Orange Cake

Seriously, the cooking and baking bug has hit us harder than usual lately. We’ve always enjoyed trying new recipes, but I blame our recent dietary need to cook from fresh ingredients to cut the sodium for Lucas, but all of the Food Network we’ve been watching has also been part of the inspiration. This weekend we decided to take it easy and relax. The rule was: if it’s not playing video games, knitting for the geekling, or napping… it’s not happening. While lying around and watching DVR’d episodes of Chopped (Lucas and I’s new favorite show) on Food Network earlier, we started talking about throwing together some shrimp and beef stir fry style with bell …

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Broiled Parmesan Tilapia

Happy Sunday!
We’re happy to report that Lucas’ condition continues to improve every day, and he’s almost 100% back to normal. While it’s possible he won’t have to be on a restricted sodium diet forever, this little brush with kidney problems has made us both a lot more aware of how much sodium we’re eating each day, and it’s been an eye opening experience. It feels like there’s sodium in everything, and quite often a lot of it, too. It’s helped us get back to cooking with more raw ingredients and being more aware of what we eat. So just because Lucas may not have to keep his sodium at a minimum any longer doesn’t mean …

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