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Low Sodium Savory Beef Stew & Bread Machine White Bread

With the need for our family to switch to low sodium friendly foods lately, we’ve been doing A LOT more cooking from scratch. There’s been so many recipes that we’ve tried and just haven’t had time to share, but today’s beef stew and the bread we made in the bread machine deserved a nod.
Lucas got the results of his kidney biopsy yesterday, and we’re happy to share that the damage to his kidneys is not permanent. It’s called Minimal Change disease, and it means that the blood vessels in his kidneys have little gaps between them suddenly, like a gate that’s ajar. Those gaps between his blood vessels have been allowing protein to spill out. …

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Cooking the Perfect Steak

It’s been a crazy week.
Probably more accurate to say “couple of weeks.” It started with Lucas snoring out of the blue. Then it turned into realizing he’d gained 15 pounds and noticing that it was all fluid retention; his legs, feet, and ankles were swollen beyond recognizable. Some blood work at the family doctor pointed to a kidney issue, and Lucas made an appointment to see a specialist. He’d gained 30 pounds of fluid weight by this point. If he would lay flat, the swelling was present in his face and chest. When he woke up this past Monday morning feeling pressure in his chest with a little difficulty breathing, we couldn’t wait for the …

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Easy Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

Two new recipes in one week?! We’re on a roll around here to try new things and today is another delicious opportunity. It’s Sunday, and the weekends are my favorite time to try a new slow cooker recipe. This weekend we’re having the easiest slow cooker beef stroganoff ever! I say easy because it only has 5 ingredients:
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 can of beef broth
1lb beef for stewing, approximately in 1″ chunks
2 cups (cooked) wide noodles
1 cup of sour cream
I put the soup, broth, and beef chunks in the slow cooker first, on high for 3 hours. Then I switched to low heat for 3 hours. I boiled up the whole grain …

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