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Nintendo’s conscious efforts to combine and promote fun and fitness for all ages is truly impressive. “Fun” is one of those boring, overused words, but I can’t help that I find the word synonymous with Nintendo and its games. If you looked up “fun” in my thesaurus, you’d find Nintendo listed first. Nintendo is trying to show us that fitness can be fun, and with their Wii console, suddenly it’s not so hard to imagine.
I am not the only one who is buzzing about the fitness possibilities that the Wii provides. refers to the Wii as “the unconscious diet” and has an article about “Wiixercises” and refers to the British …

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I got a Wii! My Review.

My 27th birthday is next week but we have plans to head out of town right after, so I’m super lucky to have the world’s greatest man, who not only thought of giving me my gift a week early so I’d have enough time to play with it, but the gift itself is on a level of greatness all its own. Lucas managed to secretly get me a Wii, Nintendo’s latest (7th generation) gaming console, which I was given last night. In no time at all, we were up and running and trying out Wii Sports, the default game bundled with Wiis sold in North America. I don’t think my jaw left …

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Our Christmas Tree!

Ok so this is more of an announcement and plug for our gallery than it is a true blog, but bear with me. The putting up and decorating of our Christmas tree was a lot of fun and it turned out really well, so I can’t help but share and show it off proudly.
We found these really spiffy blue lights at Canadian Tire and their overall effect with the generic blue and silver/white ball ornaments is really beautiful. The lights give off this soft blue glow unlike any other lights I’ve ever seen on a tree. We’re actually making a few ornaments ourselves, too! So far it’s got a handpainted scooby …

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