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Week 31 – 52 Collages 2014

What a great week! On Monday I got a little time to work in my new classroom and Liam got a chance to check out some of the toys in his new classroom, too. Winston had a haircut and looks (and smells) great again! Our friends Rob and Stef got into town early Tuesday to spend the week with us! Lucas and I were roommates with Rob for three years back when we lived in Calgary, and it was so good to spend time together after so long. We hadn’t seen Rob and Stef in two years, and believe it or not, we’ve hit our five year anniversary of being back in the states as …

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week 30 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuks

Week 30 – 52 Collages 2014

This week we celebrated my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary with a surprise party. Happy anniversary, mom & dad! They weren’t expecting a bunch of family and friends waiting to celebrate them with a big luau (and a whole roast pig!) in my brother’s backyard. There were plenty of grass skirts, tropical cake, pulled pork, and fun to go around! Speaking of anniversary, earlier this week was Batman’s 75th anniversary. Liam’s babysitter took him to the local bookstore, who was giving kids free Batman comics and masks and letting them participate in all kinds of Batman crafts. Liam was in heaven! Lila has started playing with Liam’s DC Super Friends figures (like Wonder Woman!) and got …

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week 29 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuks

Week 29 – 52 Collages 2014

This week Lila turned 5 months old! We went and had lunch with grandpa and found time to play outside at the playground and splash park. We met a dragonfly that got stuck in our house, and Liam helped set him free outside. We practiced writing letters in chalk, and Liam is doing a great job writing his own name! Lila learned how to grab her toes and likes getting up on all fours or in push-up stance as she keeps working on crawling. Liam and daddy happened to catch a hot air balloon launch at the nearby local airport and stopped to watch the action. They launched three balloons in the air by our …

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