A Vision in my Cream of Wheat?

I found a face in my usual breakfast of Cream of Wheat this morning. True story. I prepared the uncooked mixture for the microwave, then tended to fixing a small cup of yogurt while it cooked. The microwave finished and I retrieved the steaming bowl, only to look down and see a face staring back up at me.
Sadly, forces had already been put into motion by the time I noticed this face that would blend it in and send it back to the nether realm from which it came, all before I had a chance to grab the camera.
So who was in my Cream of Wheat?

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Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving wishes! This long weekend was very busy, and there’s lots of new pictures to share. Oliver’s 4th birthday was Friday, the Flames vs. Edmonton home game was Saturday, and we had Thanksgiving dinner with Jeremy, Vicki, Clay, and Allison on Sunday. (The food was delicious, by the way!) Today we’re relaxing and enjoying the extra long weekend day off.
You’ll find all of the new pictures in our gallery. Oliver’s birthday pictures are under Oliver->Fourth Birthday (2006). Pictures from the Flames game Saturday are under Miscellaneous->Flames Game Oct 7 2006, and Thanksgiving pictures are filed under Miscellaneous->Canadian Thanksgiving 2006. Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving!
P.s.- For anyone having any …

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NFL/NHL, Oliver’s Birthday, & Canadian Thanksgiving

From NFL.com:
“The Eagles started slowly, but Donovan McNab ran for two touchdowns and threw for a pair to lead Philadelphia to a 31-9 win over the Packers on Monday night.”

There is nothing sweeter after a Bears victory to watch the Packers continue their sucking streak on Monday Night Football and get crushed by their opponents on the nationally televised broadcast. Poor Favre. He looked so old and sad last night everytime they did a close up. Not to mention that gray beard he’s sporting now just isn’t very distinguishing on such a crumpled look of defeat. Why is it that he didn’t just retire, again?
The Chicago Bears are on top of …

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