watch mama and dad get married from the comfort of your own home!

my little brother winston and i are getting ready to go on vacation. mama and dad are going to las vegas to get married and the entire family and their close friends will be there. but do we get to go? of course not! but that’s ok, mama told us all about the doggie resort that we’re going to instead. she says we’ll have a room together with our own separate beds and that we’ll get to play with lots of other doggies. she warned us that we better be good or else they’ll know, because our room is equipped with webcams and they can check in on us anytime. …

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little brother for sale

he only smells a little bit and i’m selling him real cheap!
mom and dad came home last week with a new toy for me in the form of a puppy.  an 8 week old white miniature schnauzer puppy to be exact.  they think he’s cute (i hate to admit he kinda is) and they fawn all over him and try to get us to play all the time.  mom has been going camera crazy and it seems like in every other picture she’s trying to somehow get me involved, too.  don’t get me wrong, i love posing for the camera, but doesn’t she know that means i’d actually have to sit next to the little monster?  …

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mama got a raise!

what? you didn’t know she had a job‽ man, these two don’t tell anybody anything – what do they think they have a blog for in the first place…
anyway, mama’s a school teacher but can’t teach in canada yet, so she started working in the hr department of one of th largest grocery chains in the country about 3 or 4 weeks ago – and she got a raise and a promotion already!
dad and i are very proud of her, and very excited! <4

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