this area is secure of shadows and reflections on the ceiling. you may proceed.

the bipeds have been busy. i noticed they’ve neglected to post here in awhile, so i thought i’d take a moment and bring you all up to speed on their behalf. it’s always more interesting when i tell it, anyway. 
mom’s been busy making stuff. she posts to her crafty blog at with all of the stuff she’s been making. i keep telling her she should just post it here and add a craft tag. silly mom. she’ll make something and get out the camera, and i’m starting to feel a little left out because i’m not always the subject of her photography. some stuffed shape with eyes …

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no toques?

lyrics by ‘weird al’ yankovic, sung to the tune of green day’s ‘american idiot’
don’t want to be a canadian idiot
dont want to be some beer swillin’ hockey nut
and do I look like some frost bitten hosehead
i never learned my alphabet from a to zed
they all live on donuts and moose meat
and they leave the house without packin’ heat
never even bring their guns to the mall
and you know what else is too funny
their stupid monopoly money
can’t take ’em seriously at all
well maple syrup and snow’s what they export
they treat curling just like it’s a real sport
they think their silly accent is so cute
can’t understand a thing they’re talking aboot
sure they got their national health care
cheaper …

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michael mann – blog faerie

the bipeds left me again last night, this time to take in a movie at a place called a “theatre”; i’m still not sure why they sometimes leave to do this – there’s a perfectly good ceiling right here at home to watch movies on.
i spent the night sitting in the bedroom window as i’m apt to do, waiting ever-so-patiently for their return, when suddenly i heard something. i instantly ran downstairs to see what it was, secretly hoping it was uncle rob as he’s the only one that lets me sit on the couch. before i was halfway there my nose told me the truth:
it was acclaimed hollywood director, michael mann!

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