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week 33 - 52collages - thekarpiuks

Week 33 – 52 Collages 2014

Happy first week of school! Liam and Lila both started school this week; for Liam it was a return to his old school routine, albeit in a new location with new teachers and new friends… but for Lila it was her first time with the experience. The first day was a little rough for both kids, but they were doing much better by the end of the week. On the first day, Liam leaned in to give Lila a big kiss goodbye before he left her classroom to go to his own. It was so sweet!

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week 32 - 52collages 2014

Week 32 – 52 Collages 2014

Our last week of summer vacation was full of firsts and fun projects. We finally made a proper patio in the backyard and over the course of the week, completely transformed our outdoor space. We went from a 1′ x 1′ cement pad to a 12′ x 13′ patio. We picked out and planted bushes along the back edge and did a little landscaping around them and the backyard tree with log edging and mulch. We also needed some shade out there, so we invested in a giant offset umbrella that we put up today. It’s perfect! We will really enjoy spending time out back with the kids.
Lila is all about firsts and milestones this …

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week 31 - 52collages - thekarpiuks

Week 31 – 52 Collages 2014

What a great week! On Monday I got a little time to work in my new classroom and Liam got a chance to check out some of the toys in his new classroom, too. Winston had a haircut and looks (and smells) great again! Our friends Rob and Stef got into town early Tuesday to spend the week with us! Lucas and I were roommates with Rob for three years back when we lived in Calgary, and it was so good to spend time together after so long. We hadn’t seen Rob and Stef in two years, and believe it or not, we’ve hit our five year anniversary of being back in the states as …

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