Viva Las Vegas!

Wow, we’re down to a mere 2 weeks until our upcoming Viva Las Vegas Wedding Extravaganza! I just recently updated a few details on our wedding page about our plans during the day on the Saturday we’re there: we are renting a car (along with a few other people who are renting vehicles) and going to drive out to the Hoover Dam and the west side of the Grand Canyon for the afternoon since they’re not too far. And we’re not renting just any car…we’ve booked a Lotus from Dream Car Rentals! While it’s not a Neon SRT-4 (*swoon*), it’ll still be a fun and memorable drive nonetheless. If you’re one …

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Happy Anniversary

Today is my one year anniversary being an official Canadian Permanent Resident! And as of June 6, I will have lived here for two full years :) That’s a lot of maple syrup and igloos, eh? I’ve loved every minute of it.
Hope everyone is having a fabulous long weekend. :)  Only 33 days until the wedding!  Are YOU ready for Vegas?

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hello world!

i’m new to this whole blogging thing, but oliver tells me that it’s a piece of cake. he says the hardest part is finding time to sneak onto the computer when mama and dad are gone. thankfully oliver is a great big brother and has helped me out of my crate while the parental units are away today so i can try my paw at composing my very first blog entry. not bad for a 13 week old puppy, huh?
i guess i start by updating the world with what’s been going on in our happy little family lately. well, i got to meet my grandma for the first time last week. …

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